Obama Space War from the Freeman Perspective

Freeman talks at Brave New Books about the coming space war propelled by the fear of the coming asteroid, Apophis. Recorded May 16th 2009 at Brave New Books in Austin Texas USA *Freeman* Oracle.

Obama's Space War from the Freeman Perspective Pt 1 7
Obama's Space War from the Freeman Perspective Pt 2 7


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Anonymous said...

I am sick of being lied to by the damn liberals.

1) By their own estimation, the stimulus isn’t working as planned: The administration’s own estimates said that if the stimulus would pass, the unemployment rate would never rise above 8%. Its peak would be around 7.9% around the end of the year. Well…It’s at 8.5% already, and most economists seem to it’s getting worse before it gets better.

2) By their own estimation, the stimulus might be making things worse: The administration’s report showed that the unemployment rate would be about 8.1% right now if we had done NOTHING. So, it’s either that the stimulus plan is actually making things worse, or the economy is significantly worse than they thought. Which brings me to #3 …

3) What does this do to their estimates?: If their economic prognosis was this far off, this soon, what does this do to their deficit estimates 6 or 8 years out? They already were very ugly, but doesn’t this make them far worse?

Now, they do admit that there are high levels of uncertainty in their estimates–but this is the scenario that they’ve planned for. It’s early proof that the charges of “rosy scenarios” were correct.

Now who’s ready for their universal healthcare estimates?

Don't listen to Obama or any of his doctor goons like Leslie Philip Goldman , MD, Mari Edelman Ph.D., Carole Lieberman MD, Susan Delap MD, Barbara Oates PhD and Elsa M Remer MD


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