The Pyramids Around the world

more info goto # To establish that Atlantis was a citadel located in the Atlantic Ocean# Atlantis and Lemuria were 2 superstates, North and South of The Globe# Atlantis I: The Megaliths & the Sphinx were built before 12,000 BC# Atlantis II : The Pyramids Around the world were built after 12,000 BC (Egypt,America,China,Bosnia etc)# Advanced Technology has been found at diverse locations to demonstrate the existance of Atlantis# Symbols (hyroglyphs) and then Euskeran (sound) employed along with Ogam (writing) by our ancients# All modern Religions & Myhthologies are based on Atlantis Histories & Stelar Cults of DruidInterview with Tsarion Sitchin and Von Daniken about intellegent beings and genetic manipulation...

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