2012 Where History Ends part 2

2012 Where History Ends
The fire of righteousness is burning with Michael in this interview while he burns away the dross of modern ignorance. Here are the topics that he covers: Shattering the disinfo on 2012 - Pluto Alignment with Galactic Center 2006-7 - Rising World Chaos - The Real War Against Terror - Big Brother, and the Orwellian Draconian NWO - The Prophecy of the Maya - 2012, The "Roach-Cleaner" on its way - Freak Behavior of Animals Worldwide - The Toxic Earth-Grid - The Paranoid Society - Giving Your Power Away - Pseudo-New Age Shamanism - Politics, "Re-Arranging Furniture on the Titanic" - Solution-Think/Emotional Cleansing - Arrival of the true Holy Spirit.

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